We glance at someone, make eyes at them, take a look in the mirror: eyes can say more than a thousand words! For eyes that cast spells: eye makeup from Annemarie Börlind makes an impression as strong as nature itself.


Eyebrow Crayon
For a naturally gentle effect without hard contours: for discreet emphasis of the eyebrows or to correct their form. Also ideal for contact lens wearers.

Eye Makeup Remover
Cares whilst cleansing: Annemarie Börlind Eye Makeup Remover not only cleanses but also refreshes, strengthens and fortifies with firming sage water. Also ideal for contact lens wearers.
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Wenkbrauwstift Brown Pearl 08
Inhoud: 1st,  Prijs: € 13,50
Wenkbrauwstift light stone 11
Inhoud: 1.05g,  Prijs: € 13,50
Oog Make-up remover
Inhoud: 100ml,  Prijs: € 14,00