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10 Herbs Cellulite Oil

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Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil is specifically formulated to stimulate metabolism in the skin to dissolve fat and remove toxins. All the herbs in combination perform various functions to generate heat for proper blood circulation in the affected areas and activate the sluggish lymph system.
Mustard oil helps to detoxify while Sesame oil lubricates and softens the skin. Nagarmotha activates cell metabolism and dissolves fat. Vacha stimulates the nerves and Trikatu induces sweating and help open up minute channels in the skin to flush out toxins and fat. Manjistha helps to regulate the sluggish lymph system. Some herbs like Turmeric and Ajwain act as powerful cleansers, while Cinnamon acts as a moderator for all the herbs. Clove oil enhances circulation.
Cellulite not only changes the appearance of the skin but affects complexion. Zaffran in the oil will restore normal skin tone. Essential oils which help fight cellulite like Lemon and Orange along with Rosemary and Patchouli fortify and complete Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil.

This product has been certified by BDIH

Massage 10 Herb Cellulite Oil in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Use liberal amounts of oil, so that your hands can easily glide over skin. Use twice daily.
You can also soak in a warm bath or go out for a run after a good massage to help metabolism. 10 Herb Cellulite Oil will generate heat in the skin and make the area warm.
Do not use on cuts or abrasions. Keep away from children.

Brassica Juncea · Sesamum Indicum · Cyperus Scariosus · Acorus Calamus · Piper Nigrum · Zingiber Officinalis · Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil · Piper Longum · Curcuma Longa · Cinnamomum Cassia Extract · Carum Copticum · Crocus Sativus · Eugenio Caryophyllus · Rubia Cordifolia · Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil · Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil · Pogostemon Cablin

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