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Pure Organic Amla Powder

150gr,  Prijs: € 7,90   

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a powerful natural hair conditioner and scalp cleanser. Amla prevents hair loss, premature graying & infections. Regular use prevents hair from losing its natural colour and shine and strengthens hair roots. Amla is one of nature’s highest sources of Vitamin C and helps slow down the aging process. It is very beneficial for people with a sensitive skin which is prone to eruptions and rashes. It cools the skin, prevents inflammation and reduces pore size.

Amla gives natural dark shades to your hair when mixed with Pure Henna and other Henna based pure Herbal colours. Amla along with Shikakai & Reetha make an excellent home-made shampoo & conditioner.

This product has been certified by BDIH

For your hair: Mix the required amount of khadi Amla hair powder depending on hair length with hot water to make a thick paste. Leave it overnight or at least two hours. Use a glass bowl. (five tablespoons for very short hair) Apply the mixture all over hair and scalp and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. If your hair is oily and dirty then leave it longer. Rinse off with plain water for beautiful gloss and shine. For even better results mix equal amount of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai powder. This mixture works as a shampoo and conditioner for your hair and can be used instead of shampoo.
For your face: Take one tablespoon of Amla and mix with lukewarm water. Apply all over the face. Leave on for ten minutes. Very gently scrub off the paste and rinse off. Spray rose water all over your face and then apply cream or moisturiser. Your skin will be clean and free of acne, pimples and other infections. The high content of Vitamin C in Amla will act as astringent and toner for your skin. You can apply Khadi Amla powder all over your body as a body pack and then scrub off or soak in a hot bath with Amla powder for clean and fresh toned skin.
For hair colour: Mix equal amounts of Amla and Henna in hot water. Make a thick paste. Apply all over the hair and leave for two hours. Rinse off and do not shampoo for 24 hours. These are natural colours so take a few strands of hair and experiment to see the final colour which your hair will have before using. Depth of colour depends on duration.

Emblica Officinalis (Organic Amla Powder)

Prijs: € 7,90 - ean: 8906020510258
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